Call for applications: Protection International is seeking a team of consultants to review its impact and internal organisational set up

About PI

Protection International (PI) is an International NGO that contributes to the improvement of the protection of human rights defenders throughout the world. PI provides tools to develop defender’s capacity to manage their own security as they struggle against impunity and work in favour of human rights and democracy in their respective countries or regions. PI seeks to contribute to a situation where human rights defenders are recognised as legitimate actors for social change and to an environment where they can exercise their right to defend universally accepted human rights.

Protection International has its head office in Brussels, but primarily works where protecting human rights defenders is needed. We have long term presence in Colombia, Guatemala, DR Congo, Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia.

2018 marks the tenth year of PI’s operations as PI, and its twentieth year of operation since it was founded as the PBI EU Office. Over the past 10 years period, PI has experienced significant change and growth, with over a four-fold increase in funds and currently, PI has a diversified donor base and receives substantial flexible and core funding.


PI is looking for a team of consultants in order to conduct an evaluation for the development of a new 3-5 years Global Strategy, which includes a review of the appropriateness of its organisational structure in relation to its mission.

The expected results are concrete insights and recommendations on the effectiveness of PI’s organisational structure and the impact of its interventions in the field of protection of HRDs.

Timeline and cost projection

i) Starting date: as soon as possible
ii) Timeline:
• Outline: two calendar weeks after signature of the contract
• Final evaluation report on the organisational aspects by 31 January 2018 and preliminary report ideally by 10 December 2017.
• Final evaluation report on the impact of PI by 30 March 2018 and preliminary report by 15 February 2018 at the latest.

iii) Cost: For the two parts of the evaluation a maximum amount of 30,000- Euros including travel expenses based on reasonable real costs.

Required Qualifications of the evaluators:

• Sound experience in conducting participatory evaluations;
• Experience with international human rights NGOs;
• Consultant(s) focusing on objective I shall have a long-standing experience in organisational development;
• Consultant(s) working on objective II shall have a good understanding of human rights defenders protection issues;
• Fluent in English and be able to work in French and Spanish;
• Understanding of the specific needs of a multicultural organisation;
• Availability to travel long distance (minimum two missions).

Ideally, we would like a team of evaluators who are used to work together or present a joint application committing to work as a team, in a coherent and complementary way. The team will be responsible to coordinate internally and ensure that the two evaluation reports are fully harmonised. At this stage applications for one part or the other part of the evaluation will not be considered.

Application process:

Interested evaluators shall send an offer before 19 October 2017 to detailing:

  • A brief explanation of the understanding of the two parts of the evaluation and the proposed methodology (max 4 pages). This shall include a description on how the team will function.
  • CVs of the proposed consultants;
  • Contact details of two references;
  • Detailed budget and calendar of activities.

Please read the Terms of Reference and specifications on the project here.

For further information please contact Sandrine Grenier at