PI publishes its first “Manual on Protection for Human Rights Defenders” based on research by Enrique Eguren and Marie Caraj, and contributions by defenders from all over the world.

• PI organizes its first series of protection and security management trainings at the request of defenders from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Bolivia, Uganda, Kenya, DR Congo, Ingushetia, Serbia, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.

PI provides a seminar on international field protection of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), in the presence of IDP community leaders from Colombia and Indonesia and promotes the Deng Principles on IDPs (today the UN Guiding Principles).

PI intensively lobbies Parliaments in EU member states, and in 2003, the Belgium Chamber adopts the first national parliament resolution, followed by a motion in the German Bundestag in 2004, and a second resolution in the Belgian Senate in 2005.

PI participates significantly contributes to the drafting of the EU Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders by the European Council and Commission in 2004.

PI participates in a pbi conflict prevention project for defenders and IDP community leaders in Colombia.

PI and the Belgian Development platform 11.11.11 promote the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders in Rwanda and Burundi with Belgian and British Members of Parliament.