Support Human Rights Defenders at risk

People put their lives on the line when speaking out about human rights. Your contribution, big or small, can make a huge difference and secure the life of a human rights defender that is under threat. You can support our efforts to help them by making a donation today:

For 5 Euros – a human rights activist can buy call credit to stay in contact with colleagues while documenting human rights violations in a remote area.

For 50 Euros – a human rights defender can buy the necessary equipment to make back-ups of sensitive information and store it in a secure place.

For 500 Euros – a Protection Desk can accompany a human rights organisation for a period to help it improve the way in which it responds to threats.

For 5.000 Euros – a Protection Desk can lobby local authorities to abide by their duty to protect human rights defenders.

For 50.000 Euros – Protection International can support the setup of a new Protection Desk in a country where human rights defenders are under attack.


How can you make a donation ? 

• Donate via Paypal

• Donate via Bank transaction

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IBAN: BE37 7765 9747 4328

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