Since many years, the staff of Protection International, through its Research, Policy and Training Unit, has sought to systematize its protection work carried out in very different contexts. Therefore, studying and elaborating protection and security operational tools is a core activity of our global programme for defenders.

We publish several manuals and studies based on lessons learned in order to develop best practices and make them freely available online for civil society organizations (under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License). You can download them in this section or order hard copies by writing to us.

 We invite you to discover PI’s different publications. Hard copies can be ordered for the classroom below.

Top impact Stories 2017  shares five of Protection International’s top  success stories of the year.
Impact reportTop Impact Stories 2016 shares five of Protection International’s top  success stories of 2016.
Annual Reports  Explore this section to learn more about Protection International through its annual reports.
cover_enCriminalisation of Human Rights Defenders – Categorisation of the problem and measures in response aims to provide responses to protection challenges for criminalised HRDs, civil society organisations and rural communities. Available in English, French and Spanish.
Training and Learning This section contains Manuals on the protection of human rights defenders (in multiple languages) as well as publications on Best Practices and Guides for Facilitators of HRD protection training courses.
Policy Research Consult this section for the latest research and development of public policies and national mechanisms for the protection of human rights defenders.
Trial Observation This section has a variety of case studies that focus on and analyse specific human right defender cases involving acts of criminalization, impunity and witness/victim protection.

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