This section has a variety of case studies that focus on and analyse specific human right defender cases involving acts of criminalization, impunity and witness/victim protection.

Summary and recommendations from the Maheshe trialTrial Observation of the Maheshe Proceeding (DR Congo); Summary and Recomendations. Taking into account the general state of impunity in DR Congo, especially with regard to violations against HRD in 2007 and 2008, PI carried out a trial observation of the presumed killers of the Okapi Radio journalist Serge Maheshe, who was killed in 2007.Available in English and French.
Executive Summary of a Study on the Protection of Victims and Witnesses in D.R. Congo. This summary is drawn from a study conducted over several months on the protection of victims and witnesses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in 2012.Available in English and French.
Observation report on the chebeya-bazana case before the kinshasa-gombe military courtDue to the prevailing climate of impunity of the Democratic Republic of Congo and specially in relation with abuses against human rights defenders, it’s been necessary to make an appeal on a fair trial, the compliance of the international standards and the observation of the process.Available in French.
Guidelines for the observation on criminal trials.  This book aims to provide guidelines for observers working on criminal trials in  Africa. In fact, it is based on a study carried out in the Republic Democratic of Congo but this guidelines can be applied to any process taking place in any region of the world.Available in French.


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