Since 2011, the inhabitants of San José del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc in Guatemala have organised themselves to defend their land through ‘La Puya’- a non-violent resistance movement, from where a strong network was created in order to stop the mining activities in the region, which are carried out by the North-American company Kappes, Cassiday & Associates.


Mining in this region causes major environmental and social conflicts, jeopardize the human rights of its inhabitants and threatens the sustainability of the territory. However, at the same time the inhabitants of these two municipalities have managed to resist with the aim of defending their land thanks to its organization, its solidarity and strengthening its networks of protection between the communities. Even so, the resistance has to deal with many types of attacks: persecution and police criminalization, four attempts of eviction and a foiled assassination attempt. Against all odds, the nonviolent resistance movement of La Puya has remained rather firm and responds to provocations in a peaceful manner.


Protection International has witnessed and has accompanied the process of resistance since 2012, year in which the inhabitants decided to block the entrance of one of the mining complexes and thus to set up the encampment known as ‘’La Puya’’.


We invite you to watch this documentary based upon the testimonies of the members of the Resistance: peasants,small farmers, students, farm labourers… Inhabitants of this natural resource-rich region threatened by the insufficient guarantees of respect for their rights by the government. The documentary is also a demonstration of the resistance of the peoples in defense of their regions and a example of the current struggles in Guatemala against dispossession and destruction of their lands.



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