Last May, the revelations regarding the continued surveillances operations carried out on the European soil by the Colombian Administrative Department of Security (D.A.S) were widely covered. Within this framework, one of the targets of this opration, Luis Guillermo Perez, a Colombian human rights defender, Secretary General of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) and exiled in Belgium, revisits fifteen years of persecution, orchestrated by the Colombian Government and aiming at blocking his action of defender.

In October 2009, Luis Guillermo’s home was burgled : three computers and an external hard drive containing confidential information were taken. But he’s not the only victim of these operations. Various NGOs of which OIDHACO (the International Office of Human Rights Action on Colombia), Broederlijk Delen and Oxfam-Solidarity as well as Mmembers of the European Parliament (MEPs) would also have been under surveillance. These alarming revelations raise serious concerns over violations of fundamental human rights in a moment when Colombia and the European Union have just signed a free trade agreement in Madrid.