Protection International provides tools and strategies to people who defend human rights, in order to protect themselves. We support individuals, organisations, networks, and communities whose right to defend human rights is being violated through threats, judicial harassment, stigmatisation, or other forms of repression.


Security training in Guatemala

PI supports human rights defenders in their protection by:

• Joining them in defining protection tactics and their operationalization. Protection International sets up Protection Desks in countries or regions where defenders are at particular risk

• Building the capacities of individual defenders, organisations, networks, and communities to analyse risk and improve their security

• Researching good protection practice and challenges in protection; translating our findings into manuals, reports and other tools so that they are accessible to human rights defenders in other parts of the world

• Advocating for Nation-States to fulfil their obligation to protecting human rights defenders, using the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and other international, regional or national legal instruments and mechanisms as channels and standards

Protection where needed

In many countries, people are at risk because they defend human rights. These human rights defenders need access to effective security and protection methods. Protection International goes where defenders need such support. Protection International researches protection strategies and solutions for human rights defenders. We then describe and translate them, and transform them into useful knowledge, tools, and methods. We present the results of our work to people that stand up [...]

Building the capacity to protect

Protection International empowers Human Rights Defenders to protect themselves, assists government representatives to improve the quality of their protection mechanisms, and helps other partners to increase their contribution to improve the protection of defenders. Protection International combines its work with defenders. Protection International researches, optimises, develops training and coaching tools, improves methods and content and assimilates these into defenders´ own best practices.   Protection International: • Builds capacity of defenders [...]

Video Advocacy

Protection International uses video to convince States to fulfil their obligations to protect Human Rights Defenders since 2004. Our camera is a key tool that conveys our message about the need for Defenders’ protection, recognition and  promotion of their rights. Protection International meets Defenders, films their activities and amplifies their voices. Our clips and documentaries contribute to bring changes in policies, laws or practices relating to protection issues. Our video [...]

International Advocacy

Protection International supports human rights defenders in bringing their case for protection to the international arena. Acting at the international level adds a dimension to protection policies for human rights defenders. Nation-States and their governments are primarily responsible for promoting and respecting human rights, and for protecting human rights defenders. Many fail to do so. Protection International works with local and international partners to remind State institutions and inter-governmental organisations [...]

Research and policy

Protection International researches best practices in the protection of human rights defenders. Research topics vary widely: from the ways in which leaders of isolated communities organise and act peacefully to make armed groups refrain from violating the rights to their territory; to the effectiveness of national mechanisms for the protection of human rights defenders; and to the ways in which witnesses are shielded from intimidations by violators of human rights [...]

Partnering for protection

Working in partnership is a second nature of Protection International. Protection International seeks collaboration at local, national, regional, and international level – obviously with Human Rights Defenders and Human Rights Organisations, but also with likeminded national institutions and inter-governmental organisations.       Protection International has been working with: – ACUDDEH – ACI-Participa – ADES – Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme – AJWS – Amnesty International – East [...]