State authorities have the primary responsibility to protect human rights defenders. Unfortunately, as impunity for violations against defenders and increasing criminalisation of  their activities show, a huge pressure on States is needed for the respect of their obligations to protect.
Protection International advocacy officers’ main role is, in collaboration with other local and international NGOs, to remind State institutions and inter-governmental organizations of their responsibilities in the protection of human rights defenders.

Such bodies include:

–  Foreign affairs ministries and Embassies
–  Parliaments
–  European Union institutions
–  United Nations offices and regional mechanisms (such as the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights).

Protection International requires from them to take action, define strategies and adopt procedures providing effective protection to the defenders.
PI’s advocacy unit, jointly with its Protection Desks officers and partner NGOs on the ground, develop action propositions and programs taking into account the needs of the most vulnerable defenders and the context they’re working in. PI also disseminates press releases, reports, videos and studies on defenders’ situation.
PI advocates inter alia for the implementation of: