Protection International researches best practices in the protection of human rights defenders. Research topics vary widely: from the ways in which leaders of isolated communities organise and act peacefully to make armed groups refrain from violating the rights to their territory; to the effectiveness of national mechanisms for the protection of human rights defenders; and to the ways in which witnesses are shielded from intimidations by violators of human rights who find themselves in court.

Protection International captures this practice, and turns its findings into manuals, brochures, web-reports, training support tools, and other formats that make the lessons learnt available to other human rights defenders and interested parties.

Protection International has particularly invested in research of public policies and strategies for the protection of defenders, developed by a variety of state authorities. Its findings are compiled in ‘Protection of human rights defenders: best practices and lessons learnt’.

Research: what works in protection?

The protection of defenders is a dynamic field in constant development. There exists a clear need to understand and systematise what works and what does not work when protecting defenders. The risks faced by women defenders or by defenders working in rural areas are very different from the risks faced by defenders in urban environments; protection solutions of defenders of rights of migrants in a particular country may also work for [...]

Public policies and strategies for the protection of defenders

Public policies for the protection of defenders are increasingly placed on the agenda of governments and international bodies who promote human rights. Protection International has monitored and always encouraged this development, combined research and systematised good practices and applied lessons learned. The results are compiled in the handbook “Protection of Human Rights Defenders: best practices and lessons learned”. The analysis, reference documentation and new developments are shared on Focus, the [...]