Yulia Sugandi

Yulia received academic training at the Sociology and Intercultural Counselling Programme at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia and the University of Eastern Finland. She then continued her learning process by obtaining a PhD from the Institute of Ethnology at University of Muenster, Germany. Her academic training brought her expertise in intercultural dialogue, ethno-development (development policies that are sensitive to vulnerable/minority groups and indigenous peoples), sustainable peace building, collective violence, identity and dignity.

Putting theory into action, Yulia has carried out professional engagements with various organizations on a full time or assignment basis including the Asia Europe Foundation, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Peace Brigades International, UNDP Papua, Misereor, Kurve Wustrow, etc. She currently works as Senior Fellow of the Department of Community Development and Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Human Ecology in Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. Since 2016, Yulia has been working as a Lead Researcher at the Reality Check Approach.