Our People

Board of Directors

PI is governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for the overall strategy and governance of the organisation.

Our current Board members are:


Management Team

  • Liliana De Marco Coenen - Executive Director
  • Mauricio Angel Morales - Head of Policy, Research and Training Unit
  • Claudia Lotzwig - Head of Programme Coordination Unit
  • Asma Ibrahim - Head of Administration and Finance Unit


Head Office Staff

  • Majorie Unal - Programme Coordinator for Africa
  • Sabrina Munaò - Programme Coordinator for Kenya
  • Cristina Guevara - Programme Coordinator for Latin America
  • Kevin Halim - South East Asia Programme Coordinator
  • Claus Goettfert - IT Officer/Systems Administrator
  • Julie Capoulade - Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator
  • Tommaso Ripani - Communications Officer
  • Emily Humphreys - Advocacy and Communications Assistant
  • Anne-Carine Decock - Accountant
  • Nadège Etesse - Administrative Officer
  • Wibowo Kistianto - Finance Controller
  • Sylvain Youdom - Administation and Finance Assistant
  • Sara Pastor - Policy and Research Officer
  • Marie Haas - Services Development Officer
  • Ángela Díaz - Administrative Officer (e-learning centre)


Senior Advisors

  • Sylvain Lefebvre - Senior Advisor
  • Alexandra Loaiza - Senior Advisor
  • Daniel Barrera - Senior Advisor
  • Enrique Eguren - Senior Advisor


Protection Desks

For more information about how Protection International is engaged in protecting human rights defenders throughout the world, please consult our Protection Desks homepages:

Protection Desk Kenya

Protection Desk DR Congo

Protection Desk Mesoamerica

Protection Desk Colombia

Protection Desk Thailand

Protection Desk Indonesia