[Infographic] What do we mean by collective protection?

What do we mean by collective protection and what are its main elements?

In the infographic below, we share the key concepts that are needed to better understand collective protection. What is it? Who constitutes a collective of human rights defenders? What are their approaches? And what are some examples within the Colombian context?

Protection International created this infographic for human rights defenders in order to explain the collective protection approach on which we base our work. In the first section of the infographic, you will find two key definitions: What is collective protection? Who constitutes a collective of human rights defenders?

In addition, it describes six characteristics of collective protection, three approaches to defining their strategies, and presents several examples, which are taken from the Colombian context but can also be observed in other countries.

Finally, a simple diagram is presented with the general elements of collective protection, including the actors involved and their objectives.

This graphic is aimed at audiences that do not know much about this concept and can serve as a tool for defenders and their communities for developing advocacy actions, training workshops, trainings, meetings and discussions.

This infographic is available to human rights defenders, their organizations and communities so that they can download, share or use it freely, taking into account our Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, which allows downloading and sharing the material with other people, as long as its authorship is acknowledged, but without changing it in any way or using it commercially.

Download here (Spanish only): Infografía: ¿Qué entendemos por protección colectiva y cuáles son sus elementos principales?


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