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Protection Desk Colombia (PD COL) is the result of an alliance, which began in 2007 between PAS and PI with the aim to develop the capacities of organizations, communities and human rights defenders (HRDs) to assess their levels of risk and autonomously manage their security with the purpose of protecting their life and integrity, as well as their space for action. This alliance also tries to influence the authorities to fulfill their obligations to protect and it works to develop new knowledge in protection with emphasis on rural defenders.

PDCOL acts alongside HRDs and rural communities who have been affected by social and internal armed conflict for the past 50 years. This, in addition to high levels of poverty, inequality and impunity, set the stage for legal and illegal armed groups, as well as economic actors through the use of violence to maintain control over territories and communities in a country with large natural resources still in dispute.

In order to reduce these levels of risk, PDCOL promotes training, advocacy and research on protection strategies for human rights organizations and rural communities in different regions of the country with a special focus on grassroots defenders to safeguard the existence of the defenders as social subjects and to promote their action and safe permanence in the territories.

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