Protection Journal number 4: Protecting your life, my life, our lives.

19 Dec


This manual focuses on the work and the protection of women human rights defenders and is the fruit of reflexion and testimonies that they have shared with us over years of experience.Available in English and Spanish. The Protection Manual number 4, from the series published by UDEFEGUA and PI, is...

Protection Journal number 3: Human Rights Defenders at high risk, Security considerations for their families and personal lives

09 Dec


This journal number 3, deals with the protection measures that defenders can use in their life and their family.Available in English and Spanish. This journal number 3, produced by UDEFEGUA and Protection International contains suggestions on personal security measures for human rights defenders (...

Protection journal - Number 2: SURVEILLANCE AND COUNTER-SURVEILLANCE for Human Rights Defenders Organizations

02 Dec

Latin America

This is about vigilance and “countervigilance”. This is a useful tool to help what we call “to be vigilant”.Available in English and Spanish. Being a person who assumes the responsibility of defending rights of others is no easy task. Unfortunately, in many cases human rights are at odds with the...

Protection Guide for HRD in rural areas

06 Dec


This guide - made by International Protection, Aj Noj - Protection Desk UDEFEGUA Guatemala - wants to fill the gap in the field of protection of human rights defenders. The tools and methodologies proposed respond to the needs of the defenders who live and develop their work in rural area....