[Colombia] Weaving Knowledge for the Defence of our Rights

Guidebook: Weaving Knowledge for the Defence of our Rights


Colombia is one of countries where the rights of women and human rights defenders are most violated: murders, forced disappearances, threats, sexual violence, stigmatization, criminalization, police abuse and co-optation of leadership, are just some of the violations happen on a daily basis. These multiple attacks complicate the risk environment and increase fear in the territories where defenders carry out their work. They also further restrict the communities’ freedom of association, peaceful assembly, opinion and expression, and the right to participate in human rights defence activities.

The Protection International team in Colombia, within the context of our work with Indigenous human rights defenders in La Primavera, Vichada, Colombia developed the guidebook “Tejiendo saberes por la defensa de nuestros derechos. Anotaciones sobre derechos humanos para la protección colectiva” (Weaving knowledge for the defence of our rights. Annotations about human rights for collective protection) together with the communities. The objective of this guidebook is to contribute to the knowledge that Indigenous communities have about their rights in order to strengthen their capacities for conducting risk analyses and agency in the face of collective protection. We hope this publication helps to support them in their struggle for defence of life, their culture and their territories.

This document integrates the training plans on strengthening collective protection, developed with the communities of the Indigenous people of La Primavera during 2020 and 2021, within the framework of the Collective Protection project for rural human rights defenders. for the construction of territorial peace in a post-conflict scenario in Magdalena Medio and the departments of Córdoba, Santander, Cauca and Vichada, financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The thematic axes revolve around human rights, ethnic-territorial rights, women’s rights; the Life Plan and Safeguard Plan, and some mechanisms for the enforceability of rights in the national and international context.

Although it is a document written in Colombia, the contents can serve as a guide for human rights defenders from other countries or territories, since it is based on universal principles. 

We make this guide available for human rights defenders, women, their organizations and the communities to download, share and use as basis for their own collective protection tools, taking into account our Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence, which allows you download and share the material with others, as long as its authorship is acknowledged, without changing it in any way or using it commercially.


Download the Guidebook “Tejiendo saberes por la defensa de nuestros derechos. Anotaciones sobre derechos humanos para la protección colectiva” (available in Spanish)


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