Protection International's work in Colombia has been carried out in the following regions:

  • Magdalena Medio: with 5 rural communities (El Guayabo, Bella Unión, Las Pavas, Nueva Esperanza and El Garzal).
  • Cauca: Afro-Colombian communities linked to the COCOCAUCA territorial organization, working especially with the "convites"; as well as with indigenous communities that are part of the Association of Indigenous Lobbying of the North of Cauca (ACIN).
  • Córdoba region: with the Las Catas and Quindío peasant communities; the indigenous reservation of the Embera people of Dochama; and the Córdoba Land and Territory Group made up of 12 communities.
  • El Cesar region: the community of El Hatillo.
  • Vichada: in La Primavera, with the La Llanura and Pascua indigenous reservations, made up of approximately 28 communities, and the El Trompillo indigenous settlement.


In Vichada PI works in alliance with the Corporación Claretiana Norman Pérez Bello. In the other regions mentioned above, protection work is currently carried out with Pensamiento y Acción Social (PAS).